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Support artistic and cultural mobility in the euro-arab zone!

Artistic and cultural mobility is the transnational temporary travel of individual artists, cultural actors as well as social entrepreneurs and activists. It is part of their regular working life and contributes to widening their circle of partners in home and resident countries.

John Miller

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It is considered as a chain of individual and collective benefits in a context of increasing exchange in a globalised world. Nevertheless, there is a growing concern about the lack of artistic and cultural mobility as border controls tighten in many regions around the globe, cultural business exchanges are not fair, cultural diversity is not yet fully respected, visas are difficult to obtain, mobility funding is difficult to find, accurate information on legislation is lacking.

It is time to address this issue that saps the creative potential of individuals and is detrimental to international arts productions, diversified art works, and generally to cultural enrichment and innovation worldwide. This growing concern is at the foundation of the Istikshaf Coalition, a platform launched in 2012 with the aim to foster synergies, joint projects and cooperation between mobility operators in the Euro-Arab region. The Istikshaf project is funded by the European Union.